Technology you can trust

MINT uses proven technologies to provide our customers with the most powerful, reliable and secure software. With Java as programming platform and all the data stored in one Oracle Database, you get the market leader in RDBMS systems providing support, scalability, and security.



The MINT Training Management System is fully web based. The installation of MINT TMS is only done on the server side and has 3 user interfaces: 

1. MINT WebAssistant – requires Java Web-start to run.

2. MINT WebPortal – is an HTML5 based website and can be accessed with any web browser.

3. myMINT App – available for download from App Store for iOS & Android devices

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MINT TMS will adapt to your needs. Starting with one server hosting the database, API server and web server at the same time up to highly specialized and configured database servers connecting to a separated API and web servers.The well proven 3-tier-architecture consisting of database, API server and rich-client allows to separate different parts of the application on different physical machines.

Powerful & flexible

With MINT TMS, raw data becomes accessible. When managing resources, over time, you easily get into millions of data items. MINT brings structure into this data, makes it filterable, maintainable and alerts you whenever you want to get alerted based on your data. MINT provides you the way to organize your data. With data structures, fine-tuned ever since 1998 when MINT was founded, you get the best possible base structure which you can extend by your own properties and definitions. The whole MINT system follows this principle, to provide you the basics while you can name and customize the system in your wording and by your needs. You can setup MINT to show its flexible but complex face to the experienced and specialized staff only while presenting your instructors or trainees a simple and intuitive interface.


MINT TMS offers a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) which is used internally by all own modules and that can also be used to integrate external systems or extend system functionality via add-ons. The API can be accessed via Web Services. Use of the API requires clients to first authenticate. The API only returns data for which the client user has appropriate permissions. This Access Control Policy applies for external applications same as for MINT TMS. The API is fully supported using either access method. However, different advantages and disadvantages apply. The choice is usually dictated by corporate security guidelines and network structure, performance requirements and application programming languages.

Clear Structure

With the simple concept of keeping all of your data in one database which is hardened with constraints, all possible damage to the data can be prevented by creating very simple backups. As all data in MINT flows directly into the Oracle Database, there is only one place where working data is stored and needs to be saved to backups. In a worst-case-scenario, MINT can help you to get a running system from just one database backup in very short time. Additionally, to ensure that no change or deletion of data stays untracked, the MINT Audit Trail is implemented at the lowest possible layer. Even if somebody with direct database access would delete an employee with SQL, triggers on the database would track this deletion and move the data into separate audit tables.


As all connections are established, by using SSL, either to call a website in the WebPortal or to call Web Services, the server can easily be configured to allow only HTTPS connection with transport layer security. This effectively prevents man-in-the-middle attacks as well as phishing. SSL gives you both, the certainty, that the server you are communicating with is actually the one it pretends to be and an encrypted data channel which protects the data flow from being read by third parties.

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