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MINT TMS provides effective resource planning, data collection, and analytics to measure and improve your training organization across all areas.

Ultimate solution to manage the entire training cycle

MINT automates processes and simplifies everyday tasks. The modular design of MINT supports all types of training scenarios and offers capabilities that are designed to easily accomplish regulatory compliance. And that’s only scratching the surface. We’ll support the digital transformation of your training organization while providing a flexible tool that easily scales to meet evolving needs.

Main Features

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Records & Qualification Management

The unique and adaptable de­sign of MINT en­ables record keepers to keep track of var­i­ous types of re­sources & all their qual­i­fi­ca­tions. Sim­ple and easy to use data-setup and edit­ing func­tion­al­i­ties keep all records ac­ces­si­ble and ed­itable at any time.

Electronic Forms (e-grading)

 Create and design your own electronic forms and grade sheets in a fully flexible manner from a library of components, for various purposes of data collection, to be performed online or offline.

Curriculum Management

MINT provides the tools you need to manage what students are expected to learn, evaluate whether or not it was learned, and visibility to improve student learning.

Scheduling & Optimization

A lot of the magic of MINT lies in its unique sched­ul­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties. The so­lu­tion han­dles all stages of plan­ning and au­to­mated sched­ul­ing flaw­lessly. Even the most com­plex train­ing sched­ules can be gen­er­ated while re­spect­ing qual­i­fi­ca­tions, avail­abil­ity and cor­po­rate work rules.

Reporting & Analysis

MINT combines flexible reporting and feature-rich design capabilities, which allow you to run advanced queries, apply robust filtering options, and, at the same time, control the look and style of report content. 

Administration & Security

MINT offers a comprehensive user management functions with role-based data access configuration. You can create users and user groups and manage permissions at user and user group level.


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Calendar Sync

This add-on connects the schedule created in MINT with the calendars e.g. in MS Outlook, on iPhones, iPads and all other devices that are linked to MS Exchange or support connection to internet calendars.

Identity Management

This add-on provides external authentication when logging into MINT and makes your users life a lot easier. It’s all about remembering fewer passwords and reducing help desk costs while not compromising security.

Learning Management

This add-on empowers training organizations to schedule and perform, evaluate and store online (computer-based) trainings and trainee data within one single tool.

Records & Qualification Management

Keep track of everyone & everything

MINT provides the flexibility to accurately depict your company structure and manage all of your training resources, whether human or physical, in one secure place. Easily define and update relevant details for all types of resources, at any time, and ensure proper auditing in the background. 


Manage all types of records

The unique and highly configurable design of MINT enables record keepers to keep track of various types of qualifications. Simple and easy to use data-setup functionality keep all records accessible and editable at any time.


Real-time data monitoring

Keep­ing employee qual­i­fi­ca­tions up to date is es­sen­tial to any heavily regulated business. With MINT’s reliable li­cense track­ing, training organizations can ef­fec­tively mon­i­tor all employee qual­i­fi­ca­tions and records as well as any other kind of li­cense au­to­mat­i­cally. Re­minders can be set-up and the sys­tem will alert re­newals within con­fig­urable time­frames to the appropriate individuals.


Digital archive

Paper free data stor­age be­comes re­al­ity, as any kind of cer­tifi­cate can be stored within the data­base and linked to each in­di­vid­ual’s per­sonal data in the qual­i­fi­ca­tions and records archives. 


Stay compliant

MINT’s currency engine au­to­mat­i­cally tracks and de­picts all li­cense due dates and re­lated re­newal pe­ri­ods. Vi­sual alerts and au­to­matic no­ti­fi­ca­tions are cre­ated and can be ren­dered in the con­fig­urable MINT Gantt overview.


Electronic Forms (e-grading)

Create & design your own forms

With our built-in FormBuilder, electronic forms and grade sheets can be built in a fully flexible manner from a library of components, using drag & drop, for various purposes of data collection. on)


Access from anywhere

Online or offline – electronic forms and grade sheets used for various types of evaluations are delivered to the examiner on their laptop, tablet, or any other mobile device in real-time, exactly when needed, and allow effective control of the data collection process. 


Ensure accuracy

Schedule-driven data collection and the repopulation of event details together with rules and fields for individual data input increases the overall quality of evaluation performance data. Flexible grade scales and configurable dynamic reason codes enforce that the appropriate and accurate data is captured prior to form submission.

Collect valuable feedback

Trainees are by all means the most valu­able crit­ics to eval­u­ate the per­for­mance of your train­ing de­part­ment and in­struc­tors. Their feed­back can give you many hints on how to im­prove your ser­vices and the over­all train­ing qual­ity. With MINT, the opin­ion col­lec­tion process is as easy as send­ing an email. The in­te­grated FormBuilder al­lows the com­fort­able cre­ation of feed­back forms. You can also collect the feedback anonymously if needed. 


(Note: FormBuilder access only available in Pro+ & Premium editions.)

Curriculum Management

Flexible curriculum design

MINT supports the modeling and relational connectivity of all necessary curriculum components in their applicable details. Define curriculum information for all types of training events in unlimited versions and revisions.


Set your own rules

Rules can be set up individually for each curriculum to determine required resources by their qualifications and by defining which training information shall be kept in the detailed training history.


Continue to improve

Course performance can be evaluated with powerful MINT reporting functionality, to see trends, patterns, and identify areas for improvement in the training curriculum. 


Scheduling & Optimization

Paper free & Excel free

A lot of the magic of MINT lies in its unique scheduling capabilities. MINT handles all stages of planning and automated scheduling flawlessly. Even the most complex training schedules can be generated while respecting qualifications, availability, and corporate work rules. It is also possible to manually perform scheduling adjustments at any time. Planning tasks that used to take days or even weeks on paper, can be accomplished with MINT with some mouse clicks within a few minutes. 


Optimized scheduling

MINT optimizes training schedules by considering business rules, preferences and constraints – while constantly providing the overview about all related business processes. Cost-based scheduling allows resource selection based on the less expensive alternative by looking at various cost factors like resource cost or travel cost.


Conflict checks & alerts

Schedules are automatically and constantly checked for any kind of unconformity. MINT checks for valid qualifications, work rule compliance, and that all requirements are covered. It will alert planners visually for any issues in the current assignment status of an employee or resource. A green flag means that all items within the course or schedule are checked OK. If there is an issue with a specific individual planned for a specific course, the assignment status will reflect this and will be flag it respectively to allow immediate reaction of your planning staff.


Avoid breaking rules

Define custom limitations on the availability of your resources through work rules & work patterns, which are considered in the scheduling process. Maintain time-related work rules (i.e. Days Off, Duty Time, Work Time, Rest Time, and Break Time) and business work rules that manage the resource schedule by restricting it to the conditions defined in the work rule configuration. If these conditions are ever violated, by a manual change for example, the system will alert you.


Forecast ahead

With MINT, keeping track of all qualifications and calculating the relevant expiration dates automatically, training courses can thereby be scheduled based on the demand that is visible in the system. MINT helps you get a better idea of your training volumes to optimize planning and staffing effort for the future. 

Reporting & Analysis

Let data lead the way

Building the best training experience works better when it’s driven by data. With MINT’s powerful ReportBuilder, you can have your own custom reports, get instant access to the training analytics that matter—and a deeper understanding of your training and the learning that comes with it. The built-in ReportBuilder consists of an innovative graphical query editor utilizing a graphical layout designer similar to the one used in the unique MINT FormBuilder.


Put your best work forward

MINT combines flexible reporting & feature-rich design capabilities, which allow to run advanced queries on all the available data in the system, apply robust filtering options, and, at the same time, control the look and style of report content.


(Note: ReportBuilder access for creation/editing only available to core users in Pro+ and Premium editions)

Drill down & dig in

Break down trends in your training data or take a look at granular objective level details to see which underlying factors drive training performance.


Real-time data from anywhere

Access reports on the go from your tablet or any other mobile device with internet connection, in the MINT WebPortal or myMINT app!


(Note: myMINT app only available to users in Pro+ and Premium editions)

Export your finds

Download reports in a variety of formats – PDF, CSV, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, HTML, and more – to use as needed. 


Data analysis with python

Use the power of the Jupyter Notebook, to better visualize your training data and create advanced statistical data models.  

(Note: Jupyter Notebook extension is only available to core users in Premium edition)

Administration & Security

Flexible user management

A MINT offers a comprehensive user management system with role-based access configuration. Create users and user groups and manage permissions at either level. Managing users by user groups is convenient for large organizations as it allows assigning system permissions in bulk instead if configuring them for each user seperately. Every user is able to be a part of any number of user groups. 


Fine-grained permissions

Permissions can be granted to an entire user group or individual users. Not only do permission reduce the amount of accessibility to data in the system, they also set if a user is allowed to read or write data. Additionally, special restrictions can be set, which include time access and only data access which is in connection with the user.



MINT is organized in a 3-tier architecture with layers for the database, the application server and the web server. Looking at this architecture from a security perspective, each layer can be seen as a ring-wall of a castle. 

Secured connection at all times

Using state-of-the-art web server, MINT can rely on technology which has proven secure on the internet. Connections over the internet and to the web server are SSL-Encrypted. This technology not only encrypts data on it way through the net, but also verifies the identity of the server.


Software as a Service

In order to provide the most streamlined service possible, MINT offers the system as software as a service. This way, MINT offers a guaranteed up-time and also provides the required servers, server administration and database infrastructure.

(Note: System administration options, including users & permissions configuration is only available to core users in Premium edition.

MINT Support team performs system administration functions for Pro & Pro+ editions)

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